Iconic Charlotte 2013 Symbol set.

Download the hi-resolution symbol set for free here.

Do you have an idea for a Charlotte civic symbol? We want to work with you! Tweet Mike to join our team. @mikewirth

Iconic Charlotte is a civic symbol design marathon-style event. This exciting community service project challenges designers, artists and any kind of visual thinker to create a suite of functional civic symbols for our fair city of Charlotte. The symbols could be a mixture of landmarks, history, factoids, old/new culture, etc… making a nice visual collection of icons that promote all things CLT. (Hmm, what’s a good symbol for something like, “Y’all” or “Charlotte BBQ”?)

Before the marathon begins, participants receive a quick course in symbol design fundamentals and production techniques from the session host, Mike Wirth. Paper, post-its and markers are provided for design teams to quickly draw their symbols. A laptop, is also critical, because each team will digitize their symbols on the spot. Upon completion of the night, the  finished symbols are collected and submitted for acceptance to the Noun Project‘s website.


The symbols will be available for download by anyone and can be redesigned, remixed and reused for personal and commercial projects.

A collaboration between AIGA Charlotte and New Media Design Students at Queens University of Charlotte.



Iconic Charlotte 2013 Icon Set 1

Iconic Charlotte 2013 Icon Set 1