Dancing on the Darkside was a collaboration between musicians, dancers, and visual artists that came to be called the Tryptic Collective. The group arranged, choreographed, and visualized what was essentially a ballet set to a rendition of Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon. The group played a total of three performances. Two in Charlotte’s Neighborhood Theatre and one in Asheville’s Orange Peel music hall. The project was an exploration of kinetics in music, dance and moving images. Experiments with sound and MIDI output from the band and mic’d dancer’s floor, provided input that fueled generative visualizations that overlapped looping video clips. That same input was used to trigger various visual effects, and live video edits, making each show’s visuals uniquely fueled by the energy of it’s performers.

The show was reviewed here by Jeff Hahne of Creative Loafing Charlotte.

Below is a video from the inagural show at Charlotte’s Neighborhood Theater in the NoDa arts district.