We were commissioned by McGraw-Hill Education in 2011 to design a set of 42 print and interactive infographic assets for the upcoming high school level textbook, Geography: The Human and Physical World.

The textbook world is evolving and Editors and Academic Designers at McGraw-Hill sought to engage new forms of rich content such as infographics and unique styles of multimedia as pathways to extend classroom learning and build information and visual literacies.

Due out early 2014, the book can be purchased here.




Description from: McGraw-Hill Education

Relevant, up-to-date features bring the world to your classroom and allow you to make connections between geography, people, and the world in which we live. Students will explore issues relating to human geography such as labor migration, energy resources and indigenous rights, and the socioeconomic status of women in West Africa. “Global Connections” features focus on opportunities and challenges facing people around the world. “Case Studies” examine topics with the help of primary sources and DBQs. This dynamic new program is enriched with interactive maps, infographics, animations, videos, and stunning photographs!


  • Built with trusted authorship and aligned to the National Geography Standards, the NCSS and Common Core Standards for Literacy in History and Social Studies
  • Focus on critical concepts through Big Ideas, Essential Questions, and Enduring Understandings
  • Maximize comprehension with integrated reading strategies, vocabulary support, Visual Literacy activities, and Guiding Questions
  • Bring the world to your classroom with engaging features, time lines, projects, infographics, and much more
  • Discover ePals Global Community Projects® and connect with teachers and students around the world.