Book cover of  Keeping the Republic

Keeping the Republic 8th Edition

Keeping the Republic: Power and Citizenship in American Politics, The Essentials Seventh Edition
Christine Barbour, Indiana University
Gerald C. Wright, Indiana University







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Creating a more visual text for today’s students. The authors’ intent with this edition is to get students to think more deeply about political data and information and to visualize it in a way that allows them to feel an immediate sense of understanding. Toward that end, the authors have reassessed every graphic and table in the book for ways to improve them and spur engagement.

  • New The Big Picture graphics, designed by the award-winning information designer Mike Wirth in collaboration with the authors, present rich, poster-worthy displays that focus on a key element in each chapter, complementing the text with an infographic that grabs students’ attention and broadens their understanding of big processes, big concepts, and big data. Click here to see a sample.
  • New Snapshot of America graphics, also designed by information designer Mike Wirth, focus on demographics and invite students to explore the connections between data and politics and help them to understand the meaning behind the numbers. Click here to see a sample.