Brecht Machine

Click the image to watch a video of the performance

In 2002, I assisted G.H. Hovagimyan with his digital art performance project, Brecht Machine. I developed the language translation engine and interface for the project and was the site director at the 2002 Split International Film and Media Festival in Split, Croatia. The project was sponsored by the Franklin Furnace.

Here is the projects description:

“The idea is simple. Use the Internet to stream audio and video. The audio portion will be spoken in one language and translated into another language at the receiving end. At the receiving end the voice speaking will be synthetic. This will be accomplished in this way. A dictation program will translate the spoken dialog into text. The text will be passed to a translation program and translated. The translated text will be spoken by a synthetic voice. This will be done by stringing together a series of programs to accomplish each task and automating the whole process using a scripting language such as AppleScript for Macintosh and Visual Basic Script for PC.”