United States Government Textbook Infographic

We were commissioned by McGraw-Hill Education in 2013 to design a set of print and interactive infographic assets for the upcoming high school level textbook, United States Government: Our Democracy.

The textbook world is evolving and Editors and Academic Designers at McGraw-Hill sought to engage new forms of rich content such as infographics and unique styles of multimedia as pathways to extend classroom learning and build information and visual literacies.

Due out early 2016, the book can be purchased here.





Description via McGraw-Hill Education.com:

United States Government: Our Democracy allows students to build a strong understanding of the structure, function, and powers of government at all levels. Students will develop an appreciation for the value of citizenship and civic participation as they learn and apply the principles and beliefs upon which the United States was founded. As a result, students will be well-prepared for success in college, career, and civic life. The fully integrated print and digital content of United States Government: Our Democracy is grounded in solid pedagogy, strong authorship, and includes a full suite of thoughtfully designed teaching and learning tools.

  • Focus on big ideas with an accessible student text built around essential questions and inquiry.
  • Maximize comprehension with the Reading Help-Desk included in each lesson to assist students with building vocabulary, cultivating reading strategies, and strengthening note-taking skills.
  • Analyze a variety of primary and secondary sources including text excerpts, political cartoons, photographs, graphs, charts, and maps.
  • Develop strong critical thinking, analytical, and compromise skills with Debate and Deliberation features.
  • Challenge students to “be the judge” in Supreme Court Case Studies; students will classify arguments, assign unmarked opinions and decide cases, apply precedents to recent cases, and conduct in-class moot courts.
  • Customize the learning experience for differentiated instruction using leveled reading, customizable assessments and worksheets, and flexible online learning tools.
  • Facilitate mastery of complex principles with dynamic digital tools.